Welcome to Eze Crafting Express! We take pride in offering such a great, fast paced custom experience. Owners Samirra and Xavier Eze would like to personally thank you all for your continued support. Be sure to follow our Facebook group for VALUABLE information on sublimation and ALL crafting needs. Click link above in header to join. Custom items HANDMADE WITH LOVE! 


Eze family of 5! We started our business in 2019 in hopes of being home with our babies all the time. We adjusted our entire schedule so that it would revolve around them. We have been blessed to be able to run multiple wholesale businesses as well as our custom business. Thank you for your continued support allowing us to help your business THRIVE with our crafting blanks and Screen print transfers. On May 31, 2021 we suffered a tragic loss of our 3 year old baby boy! We are now residing in Houston, TX picking up the pieces of what was! We will continue to run our businesses in honor of our baby boy Lil Zay! Our Forver3 handsome angel! Thank you for all of the continued prayers as they are MUCH NEEDED AND APPRECIATED.